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  • CLE: Data Privacy & Cyber Security: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know

CLE: Data Privacy & Cyber Security: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know

  • July 26, 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Call-in only

Membership Committee CLE:
Data Privacy & Cyber Security: What  Every Lawyer Needs to Know

Lawyers  take for granted the benefits of practicing law in the 21st century: online research tools,  the ease of creating and storing client files and the speed of email communications and document transmissions.  But law firms – big and small — have become treasure troves for bad actors ready to monetize on valuable data: intellectual property, sensitive information re mergers, social security numbers, personal,  protected health or payment card information. How can lawyers protect themselves from these attacks?  Are there any ethical obligations with regard to safeguarding client data?  In this CLE you will learn the following:

§  Common cyber threats for lawyers/law firms of all sizes

§  Ethical obligations for lawyers

§  An overview of data privacy laws in the U.S.

§  Potential claims, lawsuits and government investigations

§  Best practices: How to mitigate common threats and comply with statutory requirements.

SpeakersSimone McCormick and Bryan Thompson (Click for Bio)

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Note that if you don’t have free minutes on your phone plan, it will be a toll call. Even though you will be asked to announce yourself, please don’t. Make sure you mute your phone by entering *6. Towards the end of the hour, there will be a brief question and answer period.

After you have listened to the entire program, please email Cassondra with your name and OSB number so that we may submit a record of your attendance to the Oregon State Bar MCLE Department.

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