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Welcome to the MCBA Community Board! 

What it is:  A place to share information about those who are members of the MCBA or works (lawyer, employee, provides services etc.) in the Marion County Circuit Court (downtown, annex, juvenile, justice court) who may need encouragement, support, or assistance due to a life event.  (personal hardship)

What it is NOT:  Advertising, Announcements, Charitable/Organization/Political Fundraising

How:  A MCBA member can submit to sponsor a posting by submitting a request below. 

Disclaimer, Permission, and Consent

By submitting a request you are confirming that you have permission of the person impacted to post this information and consent for it to be posted on the MCBA community page. 

The MCBA board of directors does not review or endorse any posting on the Community Board.  The MCBA board of directors retains the right to remove any posting that does not fit the content criteria outlined above.

Provide the following information:

  • Name of MCBA member and email address.
  • Name and brief description of person impacted.
  • Brief description of need.
  • Link to any related website or image/graphic.

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MCBA Community  Board

Name of MCBA member: Judge Audrey Broyles

Name and brief description of person impacted: 

On the early morning of March 25th Cindy Twiggs and her daughter lost everything when their home burnt down. The only thing that remained was a box of old photographs.

Cindy Twiggs has been employed by the Oregon Judicial Department for the last 8 years. She started in Records, then became Judge Mary James’ clerk for many years. She worked with Judge Broyles as well and is currently Judge Edmonds’ judicial assistant. Prior to coming to OJD, Cindy worked for Garrett Hemann Robertson for ten years.

Brief description of need: 

If you want to help Cindy and her daughter recover and rebuild, please visit the GoFund Me page coordinated by Krystal Pearson. If you want to give essential items or send words of encouragement, you can reach Krystal at Twiggsgofundme@outlook.com.

Link:  https://gofund.me/01ba4fc1

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